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Then you've come to the right place. Skirmish is a showcase platform for game development. Show your work to others, get constant feedback from the community, explore new content, and connect with other game talents. Making a game is team effort that requires multiple roles and disciplines. You can wear one or many hats, and there is always more to do and learn. One thing for sure however is, you can always use extra help.

Game Designers

They are the ones with imaginations and ideas that they want to bring to life. You need someone to develop the game concept and aesthetics, come up with the mechanics and dynamics of the game, and the overall storyline for it.


From concept to modeling, the art team is responsible for all the visual artistic aspects of the game, be it the environment, character, texture, UI, visual effects, or any other type of art. They transform the the idea ofthe game into visuals we can relate to.


Responsible for developing the codebase that makes the game. They work on the game engine, physics engine, AI, gameplay, UI, sound programming, and much more. Without them, there really isn't much the player is going to do.


Have you ever tried putting your game on mute? It sucks. That's why we need composers and sound designers to bring life and excitement into the game. And we need good ones for that matter. Else we would lose part of the aesthetics and feeling the designer wants us to have.

Voice Overs

There is a reason we all like to repeate the phrase "This is snake!". A voice actor gives a soul to the character. He gives us the emotions and feelings of that character, and pulls us closer to it. Makes us believe in it, and sometimes get real attached to it.

Quality Assurance

These are the ones that bring you back to reality when you think your game is ready to ship. They test your game so that poor gamers don't die of game rage. They make sure your game doesn't require 9 GB patch soon after release.

This is just some of the talents you need to make a successful game. And coming across those talents is not easy, as each type of talent is usually showing his work on a different network, isolated from the rest.

So we made Skirmish to be the place where all talents in the game industry can join and show their work. You can easily build a portfolio, and put your work infront of others in the game industry that might be interested in hiring you.

To make it count, keep Jacob Minkoff's words to heart

"The easier you make it for someone to see your work, the more likely you are to get hired"

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