Privacy Policy

To operate Skirmish means we have to collect and store some information about the users and their content. We absolutely love building this social platform, and seeing what you people working in game development get to do with it. However, since you’re entrusting us with your valuable content, we have to let you know how we use this data, and what other sort of information we may be collecting. That is necessary to keep the site running, and serve you better.

What kind of information do we keep?

We normally collect data through explicit and implicit methods.

  1. 1. Explicit Methods

    Explicit is when you voluntarily provide us with some information. For example, when you sign up with Skirmish, you give us certain information about yourself that can include your name, email, gender, your picture, location, skills and tools you use, the content you upload as image, audio, and video posts, alongside the meta data about this content, your game pages, your likes, comments, follows, and followers.

    You can also choose to give us access to other services, like your YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram account. This will give us access to your personal information, such as name, profile picture, and content hosted on that account. It will also allow us to update these accounts. By connecting to an account, we normally retrieve the basic set of information, like the name and profile picture. But we will not download your posted content there, nor will we update your account without your permission. You can also always disconnect your other account from Skirmish at anytime.

  2. 2. Implicit Methods

    Any visit to any page on the internet sends over certain pieces of information, that is normally collected by sites to enhance the user experience, and to perform the necessary analytics to improve the site. The user doesn’t have to provide these information. They are automatically sent with the http request, hence we refer to them as Implicit here. Here are some examples of the information we collect implicitly:

    • Device & OS: To understand our kind of users, and make sure we provide them the best experience, we keep record of user’s device type, and the operating system in use. This can be of great help to debug problems when they happen.
    • Log data: We record the visitor log data that is generated every time someone visits our website. This includes information like a user’s IP address, date and request time, visited web page, browser type, and queries sent.
    • Cookies: We could use cookies for certain parts in the sites, to provide a better experience. For example, we may use cookies to remember you the next time you visit our website after closing your browser. Or to get you back to the last action you were doing before asking you to sign in.

Third-party Services

We regularly use services from other providers to store and analyze all our content. For example, we use Google Analytics to track site and visitors behavior, and a service called New Relic that monitors the performance of the site for each visit. This kind of service gives us valuable insight to understand the site usage, and improve on the service we have to offer.

What do we do with all this data?

The most common use of the data you provide, is of course showing it on the site for other users. Things like your public profile info, and your generated content and actions, such as likes and comments.

Behind the scenes, there is a lot more going and that we intend to do in the future as well. Such as:

Do we share your information and content?

Skirmish is a site about sharing content and showing your portfolio. Hence there are parts of it that are public to anyone by default. Also, if you decide to connect your account to services like Twitter and Instagram, and ask us to, then we may share your content there as well.

Other examples of when we may share your information include:

How are changes to the policy made?

Policy has to change from time to time, to address certain aspects we have not before, or to accommodate for new changes and circumstances. The continued use of Skirmish after these changes are made, means you agree to the revised policy.

Effective: 16-12-2015